Stages of Customer Search

The information for each product or service should be broken down into the following categories,

  1. Awareness / Interest 
  2. Consideration / Intent 
  3. Evaluation / Purchase 

Simple, right? if "Content is King, then Planning is Queen."

Why? Its simple, having this information on your webpage increases potential traffic based on relevant keywords and phrases.

Example of Customer Search Stages

Grandma buying a video game for grandson

  1. First stage search term: "video games"
    • the webpage title contains "Buy Video Games Online"
  2. Second stage search term: buy fighting videos games online
    • the webpage sub-heading contain "Newest Fighting Video Games"
  3. Third stage search term: buy fighting video games for Zbox 360.
    • the same webpage sub-heading contains "The most popular Zbox 360 Fighting Video game."