Website Styles

Every website design style is unique.    Whether your branded already or looking to create a brand identity we can help.  From predesigned templates to custom templates we handle it all.  We have created simple and effective business, service, learning and e-commerce websites.

There are 2 types of websites. Let's take a look.

Business website

Business sites offer professional services.  This can be artists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and local pros.

Usually simple multi-page websites with Home, About, Services, Posts, Contact web pages.

Commerce website

Commerce sites sell products online.  From products, online lessons to real estate,

Usually complex multi-page websites run another application or platform that creates the "Shop" pages.  So you'll still have the typical Home, About, Services, Posts, Contact web pages plus an additional "Shop" section.  This additional section is where the "Product Listing" pages reside.  Without getting too technical, since every type of business is different, there is a good amount of development that goes into achieving the look you want.

Note: Website Content is everything

Our website design incorporates your core business. Additional webpages or posts create more opportunities to get your website noticed.  We further explain this idea in our post "Understanding Customers"

Let's talk pricing

We have a standard design pricing setup but are flexible. We are willing to work with you.

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