Website Design

A professional website should look good, read easy and be fast.  Finding the balance is something we really care about.  The minimalist approach to our designs lets the service or product speak for itself.

If this is the first time your considering building a website, please read, 6 things you need to consider before having a website.  


If you have fonts, colors, and images we can use great, the website should complement your current marketing assets.  If not we can offer you a few design boards we create in-house.  We will take the time to optimize every asset on your website.


Organizing your website content for customers is another aspect of web design we look at.  We like to create the perfect layout so that customers find what they need and search engines improve your ranking. Creating an engaging user experience build audiences.


After planning and decided on the overall website design, the web development starts.  The menus, headers, pages and styles will be applied to every page for up to 3 devices. We will test the responsiveness of your website and its coding.

Our website design process

  1. Planning - The number of websites pages, content, topics, and sub-topics. Additional functionality you may need.
  2. UI / UX (sitemap, wireframes) - an outline of a desktop / tablet / mobile layout of your webpages, your navigation, menu, header, webpages, content, footer.
  3. Visual Design - colors, fonts, images
  4. Programming - one the web design has been completed, customizing WordPress to ensure the planned site structure and functionality works.  Check for website responsiveness, speed, and code.
  5. Content Support - research any necessary content and design visuals.
  6. Client Training / Documentation - making sure that once the website is complete, you'll be able to add, edit or modify the website.
  7. Testing and Launch - testing all aspects of the website for issues.  Once approved the website can be launched and publicly accessible.
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