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What is Intelligent Website Design?

Our intelligent website design tells a story and elicit an emotion before anyone reads the copy on your website. By utilizing latest design methods, we create user experiences that turn visitors into customers.  

3 Key Website Design Concepts


Brand & Identity

Branding is the foundation which the rest of your web presence will live. Many companies either don't have branding guidelines, they are outdated, or simply not used. Our team will take you through a series of discussions to discover exactly what makes you and your business unique, and create a persona around those different aspects designed to attract, engage and convert your audience.


User Experience / User Interface (UX / UI)

User Interface and User Experience are two important aspects in the website design industry. User Interface design is focused on the functionality and wireframes of your website, web application or mobile app while User Experience Design is primarily about the overall look, feel, and story your design is telling. We will assign the perfect team of designers to meet your business goals and ensure that your project is successful.



Website design is where all of the hard work undertaken through the initial phases of your project turns tangible.  Our designer and developers will take everything learned about your brand, your market segments and your project goals to create visually stunning desktop, tablet and mobile mockups for your brand. We present these concepts so that you can envision what your website will actually look like on a desktop display, tablet or mobile phone before any coding begins.

Our Website Design Process

Building the website can be simple.  Designing a website is a little more complex.  We spend most of our time making sure the design works for you and is effective in reaching your business goals, like attracting new customers.

  • Analyze

    We explore, learn, and understand your business core goals to map out how your new website will get you there.

  • Design

    After analyzing your industry and customer types, we'll show your our custom design concepts that represents your vision.

  • Develop

    We'll use those carefully-constructed design mock ups and turn them into a working, operational, responsive site.

  • Test

    We rigorously test every site design, (double) checking that your website makes a perfect impression on all browsers, devices, and screens.

  • Implement

    When it’s time to show off your site to the world, we make sure it goes live operating perfectly. After all, we can’t wait to watch you blow past your original goals.

What are the costs associated with having a website?

Domain name -

If your company provides a service, your service should be located within your domain name.  For example, Marley's computer mod shop for example is called "Club Princess."  The domain is available but that domain doesn't help customers know what type of company she is.   A more appropriate name would be  a longer name, but it makes sense.  This will help customers find ClubPrincessComputerModShop much easier on search engines.  Your domain name doesn't necessarily need to be your business name. either.   (note: domain forwarding, subdomain name)

Web hosting -

your website needs to reside on the internet, godaddy offers good prices and there are a number of quality web hosting companies.  I would stick to hosting companies that are familiar and provide a good level of tech support, especially if your new to this.  There is a host plan for every budget except for free.  Depending on the size of your website and the information being shared resources like storage space, CPU and RAM sizes matter.

Add-ons / Plug-ins -

There is a plug-in for everything but what you end up with a less resources.  Using too many plug-ins will only slow your website down.  Be efficient, be aware and simplify the need for plug-ins.  We'll recommend a few that we use.  The most plug-ins require updates and if you read my previous writing, upgrades and updates can at time be problematic.  So be warned.

Security certificate - optional

The Secured socket layers is added protection for your website. It uses https:// instead of http://.  As always there are free and paid options.  Go ahead and purchase 2 -3 years upfront and just worry about renewing payment.  The free option is slightly more work, by having to re-cert every month.

Email - optional

i would suggest setting up your domain email address through microsoft or google.  Both offer good level of protection and robust features, but even more for reducing the amount of SPAM new businesses get.  The added feature of a onedrive or google drive for storing non sensitive information in the "cloud" very useful.


Improve Your Website Search Engine Rankings

If you know me, I only ask for one thing constantly,  CONTENT.  Combine your business information with our in-depth market research to create engaging content.  Why? 


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