How to Get Faster Results with Paid Advertising.

Learn more about the ins and outs of Adwords

What is PPC / SEM Management?

PPC / SEM stands for Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing.  These marketing campaigns we create target specific customers that are actively searching or researching online for your types of products and services.  Simply, you only have to pay when a potential customers clicks your ad.   Google Adwords is the pay per click advertising platform we use. 

Utilizing this pay per click system gets your company off the ground quickly, by creating ads that directly markets to customers.   I can set up, design and manage your AdWords advertising campaign. I can also provide advise on remarketing or retargeting your website visitors. When combining SEO opportunities and PPC (Pay-per-click) it can become a great way that customers can find your company thru Google searches.

Our PPC/SEM Management Solution Focuses on


Our research identifies the best keywords for your business. Keywords are absolutely fundamental not just to PPC but to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and I will work with you on your online advertising to identify not just keywords but key phrases.

Bids and Budgeting

Bidding strategies helps maintain a budget, and fine tune segments. It’s not as simple as just bidding high and letting letting it ride.  Factors like Page Score, Quality Score and Cost per Click determine top position.  Just because you have a high marketing budget doesnt guarantee top position.

AdWords Campaign Structure

the organization of PPC is critical, not just for reporting but also for best Quality Score. I will help you organize your campaign for optimal results. Campaigns to ad groups, ad groups to keywords and keywords to ads – Google Adwords rewards focused advertisements.

Macro Data

Google’s Adwords can be a powerful tool to help you find new customers and, when  optimized efficiently increase your return on invest (ROI). I will work with you to help organize your campaign to best leverage your PPC campaign.

Landing Pages

what happens once someone lands on your site after an ad? I will help you create powerful landing pages for your Google AdWords ads, and thereby help you convert clicks to sales leads!  Did you consider NYC Web Design Pro website design service that already creates effective web pages?  Awesome.


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