Websites Costs

There are costs related to owning and building a website.  A few of the items are optional but most are required,  At the same time you'll get a better understanding of what's involved with website design.

Domain name

This cost directly relates to your dot com name.  This could be purchased in increments of 1, 2, 3, 5 years.

If your company provides a professional service, you should consider using it in the domain name.  If not choose the most appreciate name for your domain.

I have seen business purchased multiple domain names, with full names, while others use abbreviations, some use a completely different name that coincides with there service.  Remember this name will be adding to any type of marketing your company decides to do.


Company Name: George, Sally, Roger Law Firm

Domains purchased:


All domains point to a single website. The interaction of www. is automatically added.

Web hosting

There are a few options like shared or private hosting with monthly to annual plans.

Your website needs to reside on the internet, It's not connected to any computer in your office.  Web hosting companies provide your business digital storage, which you can use the build your website on.

Shared Hosting, allows multiple websites to share one server.  This will be your cheapest option.  The drawback, one website may use more resources which may take away from another website on the same server.

The private server option is dedicated storage with dedicated resources for your website.

All provide features like security, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth.

There are quite a few web hosting companies choose from.  I would stick with reputable hosting companies. I review prices and customer support.

Security certificate (SSL Certificate)

This security certificate ensures users that the website they are visiting has a  legitimate owner. Secured socket layers are added protection for your website. It uses https:// instead of HTTP://.  As always there are free and paid options.  Go ahead and purchase 2 -3 years upfront and just worry about renewing payment.  The free option is slightly more work, by having to re-cert every month.  Save your time.

Professional Email 

I would suggest setting up your domain email address through Microsoft or google.  Both offer a good level of protection and robust features, but even more, for reducing the amount of SPAM new businesses get.  The added feature of one drive or google drive for storing nonsensitive information in the "cloud" very useful. Free email with web hosting is also a good option.

Website Platform -

If you building you a static website in HTML or using a Content Management System like WordPress, you're in luck because it's for free.


You may need software to create or edit images and videos.  Luckily there are options from Free to Professional.  At NYCWebDesign Pro, we primarily use Adobe Photoshop for images and Premiere for videos.

Plug-ins -

There is a plug-in for everything but what you end up with fewer resources.  Using too many plug-ins will only slow your website down.  Be efficient, be aware, and simplify the need for plug-ins.  We'll recommend a few that we use.  Most plug-ins require updates and if you read my previous writing, upgrades and updates can at times be problematic.  So be warned.