Delete WordPress Revisions

Simpliest Way to Remove WordPress Revisions

If your like me, constantly, updating and editing webpages your WordPress Revisions logs can really pile up. There is a quick and simple way to remove and delete these revisions.

I Couldn't Publish Webpage Edits

I was having an issue with saving & publishing revisions to one particular webpage. I deleted the cache in case that was an issue, but nothing. Then, I looked into the page itself and there it was staring me in my face. The lists of revisions on this particular page kept going and going and going.

One Tool for "Sweeping" unwanted WordPress Junk.

  • WP-Sweep - a simple wordpress plug-in that allows you to "sweep" your revisions away.  Once Activated you'll find the settings in Tools -> Sweep.

Delete WordPress Revisions and then some.

  • WP-Optimize has the same kind of delete revisions feature, which I also like because it has a lot more features.

Limited Revisions in WordPress

There is also a simple code snippet you can add to Limit the amount of WordPress Revisions.  You should be confident in editing this code, because, if done wrong, your can break your website.

  • with the, wp-config.php, locate the line ABSPATH, right above this line add this code,.
  • define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3);

In any case, delete then limit the amount of WordPress Revisions.  It worked for me and hopefully it can work for you.


  1. Here is a website that has really solid information on Kinsta's How to Optimize WordPress Revisions for Faster Performance.
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