Stages of Customer Search

Stages of Customer Search The information for each product or service should be broken down into the following categories, Awareness / Interest  Consideration / Intent  Evaluation / Purchase  Simple, right? if “Content is King, then Planning is Queen.” Why? Its simple, having this information on your webpage increases potential traffic based on relevant keywords and …

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Website Research and Analysis

Website Research and Analysis Our market analysis and research ensure the most effective way to reach your potential customers. The market analysis consists of your local & national competition, search engine competition, relevant topics, customer behavior, search trends, and key terms and phrases. Combined with professional designs, we have no doubt your website will help …

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Delete WordPress Revisions

Simpliest Way to Remove WordPress Revisions If your like me, constantly, updating and editing webpages your WordPress Revisions logs can really pile up. There is a quick and simple way to remove and delete these revisions. I Couldn’t Publish Webpage Edits I was having an issue with saving & publishing revisions to one particular webpage. …

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Website Related Costs

Websites Costs There are costs related to owning and building a website.  A few of the items are optional but most are required,  At the same time you’ll get a better understanding of what’s involved with website design. Domain name This cost directly relates to your dot com name.  This could be purchased in increments …

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Make Images Responsive

Add to umage properties <img src=”nature.jpg” alt=”Nature” class=”responsive”> Add to CSS .responsive { width: 100%; height: auto; } Restrict height or width .responsive { width: 100% height: 300px; }    

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