SEO, Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Improve your website ranking in search engine result pages

Who are the popular search engines?

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckduckGo and others.  These search engines rely on making sure, their users have access to the most relevant websites.  The search engine uses 3 factors in determining a position or rank for a website.  The crawler, the index and the algorithm.

How do search engines determine website ranking?

The crawler also known as bots, scan webpages from site to site.  Collecting information for their index.  The index is the collection of websites and their webpages.  The algorithm is the factors that determine the ranking of a website.  With me so far, I'm trying to make this as painless as possible. SEO is the process of working through these factors to help websites rank higher.

SEO, is a great way to create opportunities for your website.  My experience with local professionals and online retailers has shown positive results. Being ranked high in SERP has helped these businesses find new customers and helped their business grow to impact sales.


Simple example of SEO

Content for webpages

By creating relevant content around a specific keyword helps increase webpage ranking in SERP.  The website has only been live for a couple of months.  Even more, a keyword has improved 73 positions from 100 to 27.  The end goal is to be ranked 1 or at the least the first page in SERP.


Page speed

With many premium options to increase page speed, I stick to tried and true methods. Over the years, I have learned what works well.  By optimizing the website code and images, I was able to reach a speed score of 90%.  This website uses lots of images for its online store.  Faster webpages also rank higher.



as a result an increase in

Website visibility

After designing and developing a customer's website for about 1 month, I started to monitor the website's visibility.  Adding new products and categories daily and optimizing for SEO as I go.  From Feb 20 - 26, about 6 days, almost 1% increase visibility, .25% traffic, 22% ranking for about 5 specific high keywords they should rank for.

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