What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?

Improve your Website Organic Search Engine Ranking

Organics listings in search engine results are the first set of website listings that aren't ads, images, or videos.  If you're like me, some nights, taking the plunge down the rabbit hole researching and end up with serendipitous information.  Through that process, you instinctively bypass the endless barrage of advertisements and hone in on the information you want.  That information at the moment seems inconsequential but for some business it's important.  Having your website/information available to users on the internet creates opportunities.  And more opportunities increase the number of visits to your website.

A boy throws a fishing line out into the ocean once and waits for hours before even feeling a bite.   Then, the boy notices a group of boys having some luck catching fish.  At that moment the boy decides to run home, grab the other fishing poles, and casts them in.  Not surprised at all, almost immediately the boy catches fish.  Two things, the boy could have easily fished closer to where the other kids were or mimic the other situation to create more opportunities for himself.  Either way, having an understanding of the situation and making a choice give the boy a better chance to have a plentiful dinner

Your website will eventually attract customers.  To add or modify related content that increases your chances of finding customers.  SEO adds additional value to website design by focusing on the little things that will increase opportunity.

The littles things are SEO factors, that can be found throughout the internet. All with similar variations of one or another search engines secret algorithm for improving rankings.  I'll share some of these websites below.

  1. Does the website have keywords related to my search?
  2. How much information or content on the website is about the keyword or related topics?
  3. How many people visit and spend time on a website?

However simple, these 3 questions are and can be broken down into even more factors.  But in keeping this simple.  your website needs to be more than a brochure.  It needs to reach potential customers are all levels.  Your website needs to show off its knowledge and expertise.  It should be able to answer the simplest and most difficult questions.  Share experiences and offer industry-specific insights.  Facts and procedures are helpful.  Above all be helpful and honest.

On the business side of this, you want to attract the most customers without spending an arm and a leg.  I get that.  And that's why SEO will be the best option for any new to small business.  It will also help your business tap into a broader market that creates opportunities while building brand awareness.



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